The Price Of The Quartz Stone Slab Will Be Changed .are You Ready ?

- Nov 03, 2017-

Stringent environmental protection more stringent efforts, the quartz stone market has also been severely affected. Quartz stone is quartz sand, resin, titanium dioxide, curing agent, coupling agent, natural pigment by artificial synthesis, quartz sand belongs to mineral resources, resins, curing agents and coupling agents belong to chemical raw materials, so quartz raw materials production enterprises Within the framework of strict environmental protection, currently less than 50% of the normal supply. Speaking of quartz stone factory shut down enterprises can reach 50%, quartz stone production will have environmental pollution of dust, noise, waste water, etc., for the normal production of quartz stone manufacturers, the dust bag filter Equipment, the use of production equipment for the well-known domestic brands less noise, wastewater has its own sewage recycling system can be recycled. Even after the rectification in the production of the manufacturers, procurement of raw materials can not get cheap, so in the short term low-cost quartz stone is about to disappear