To Create The Perfect Artificial Quartz Stone

- Aug 01, 2017-

Can maintain a high export record at home and abroad Rongguang quartz stone

by the consumer is not just a lot of home decoration requirements, the most critical or the product itself is high quality. Rong crown to create the focus of artificial stone are "quality", Rong crown quartz stone "quality" is Seiko secret agents and high standards of work requirements, in the large board cut specifications, the crown of the workshop using a five-axis CNC bridge cutting machine, Equipped with infrared positioning system, the whole computer control to ensure that after cutting the finished product geometry, angle size, diagonal size accurate, but also to avoid the cutting process in the collapse of the edge, the phenomenon of missing angle, which is the crown quartz stone can have Perfect size of the most basic guarantee.

And in addition to the basic requirements of the large board cut the steps required fine

the processing of quartz stone waterjet cutting basin, table straight edge, chamfer, round edge, semi-round edge and round the steps of the fine degree are accurate in the millimeter Level, each link is the best. After a series of steps is completed after the table stitching process, Rongguo handmade stitching of the countertop, flat high, the surface without pores, oil, water stains are not easy to penetrate them, strong anti-fouling, beautiful and easy to clean, more in line with today's consumers The demand.