Macroporous In Quartz Stone Slab Is Safe Or Not

- Oct 26, 2017-

Quartz slate in the pores are ubiquitous, reduce the macroporous content, reduce the average pore size is conducive to improving the permeability of quartz slate. And the size of the aperture has a corresponding name, less than 20nm for the harmless hole, the product will not affect the impact of anti-permeability; 20-50nm for the less harmful hole, 50-100nm for the harmful hole, and greater than 100nm was Multi-porous, the impact of quartz stone anti-permeability is relatively large

The shape of the filled particles of the quartz slate is closely related to the size of the pores. The porosity of the quartz plate made of quartz particles with high sphericity is decreased, and the content of macroporous and super large pores (> 1000nm) is low. This is mainly due to the high accumulation of particles with high sphericity, and the reasons for the dense structure of the hardened resin. So to change the particle morphology, is conducive to improving the accumulation of quartz stone structure, reduce the quartz slate in the harmful holes, improve the hardness and density of quartz slate, anti-permeability and other characteristics