Historical Records

- Aug 01, 2017-

British stone development, research, enjoy a long history of history

the ancient works of the British stone research are: Song Du string together "Yunlin Stone" introduced the British stone produced in the British state of light, Zhenyang two counties, color There are slightly green, gray black, green and white several, and introduced the Huang Tingjian as the state prefect when playing the British stone at the "million gold set", Su Dongpo "was a stone one green and one white", as "hatred pool." 

Song Zhao Xi Hu "Cave days collection" will Ling wall, British stone

Taihu Lake and other rocks included in the "four paintings." Song Lu You in the "old school notes" in the description of "Jinxi" "Lingquan" (Note: Shagou town Qingxi tidal rock, rock engraved above the "Lingquan" word) "is a stone," a few households People dedicated to stone for a living, and that "color hissing sound such as playing dead wood," the waterstone is the stone in the "under the material." Ming Dynasty into the book "Garden" Introduction Ying Shi's origin, color and other "cloud forest stone" the same, but stressed the role of the British stone "big can be set to garden, small can be set a few cases, also Can point basin, can also be small scene. " 

The Qing Dynasty Chen Wuzi 

"flower mirror" records the landscape bonsai production stone "Kunshan white stone or Guangdong British stone", fully affirmed the British stone for the production of rockery bonsai superior material. Qing Dynasty Qu Da were "Guangdong New Language" put forward the "British stone" and "Little British stone" two concepts, which also records to the British stone shipped to the "Wuyang City" base for the rockery, "like a natural, real garden of the view and also".