Geographical Indication Product Protection

- Aug 01, 2017-

According to the "Regulations on the Protection of Geographical Indication Products", the AQSIQ organized a review of the application for protection of geographical indications. After the examination and approval, approved since April 27, 2006 on the implementation of geographical indications of British stone product protection.

First, the scope of protection

The scope of protection of the British stone geographical indications is based on the letter of the Yingde Municipal People's Government of Guangdong Province concerning the application for the protection of geographical origin of Yingde British stone (2005) [84] Administrative area.

Second, the quality of technical requirements

(1) product categories.

Divided yin ying stone and yangying stone.

(2) technical specifications.

Collection method: requires the collection must keep the original stone, not by artificial carving, not any damage. Small pieces of collection, hand can be; components and the acquisition of the device, the appropriate use of iron pry, with steel sawing; amplifier acquisition, can use modern tools to operate.

Cleaning: Yin Ying Shi first with the concentration of 2.0 concentration of industrial nitric acid dip, revealing the true color; Yang Ying stone with water to clean, keep the stone package natural color, posture.

quality characteristics.

Appearance features:

(1) Color: color black, gray, gray, light green, red, white, yellow, pure black for the best, red, color for the rare goods, stone ribs evenly distributed,

(2) Features: thin, wrinkled, leak, through Thin fingers body rugged; wrinkled stone table texture profound, angular highlights; leakage refers to the drip flow marks are distributed and orderly; through the hole through each other. Corning surface rounded luster, porous, focusing on "leakage, through". Yang Shi surface polygonal, more wrinkled, less hole, focusing on "thin, wrinkled."

(3) British stone quality: divided into treasures, boutique, qualified products. With "thin, wrinkled, leak, through" the four major characteristics, and the color of pure black, pure white, pure yellow or color for the fine ; With "thin, wrinkled, leak, through" one of the four characteristics of qualified products.