Characteristics Of Quartzite

- Oct 26, 2018-

With the developing of  the technology and the better lifestyle . More and more people  realize the important of the Environmentally friendly building materials .


No matter the home decoration or the public building . today people are easily to accept the new ideas .different kind of the building material come into being .report show the hot sell products has the following feature : environmental friendly . energy saving .health .they will also  be the trend of the building materials in the further .

There is one kind of products with those feature .it is KEFOTN  QUARTZ STONE . kefotn quartz is one of the leader on quartz area with more than decade exp of the producing and R&D .after years hard working .we make the kefotn quartz have a perfect performance in market also accepted as a famous brand


So what makes the kefotn quartz so successful ? .of course. its the excellent feature.

1. Hard to Scratch

As you know the quartz stone is one of the hardest mine on earth .7.5Moh's hardness makes it hard to scratch by  the knife .


2. Easy to maintain

Quartz stone slab is produced in vacuum with high pressure .that makes it no air hole inside .so the water and the dish towel will easy solve the daily clean


3. long Lasting as new

multiple polishing on the surface .no scratch and no penetration pollution .so there is no color changing and Oxidation to worry about .


4. high ignition point 

easily bearing the 300°.and no physical Deformation at 1300°.its totally keep the firing .you can find our quartz product used in fire place


5. Non-toxic and non-radiation

Perfect polishing make it totally prevent  bacterial . Food can touch the quartz surface directly .unlike the natural stone .kefotn quartz without radiation .


You can see the kefotn quartz is totally health material in daily life .

With all those performance inside .kefotn quartz also have the better looking outside .we developing hundred color to meet the market including the natural stone color .such as the marble like color .


Not only the home decoration including kitchen countertop. Wall and floor tiles ,skirting line ,window counter top  table top .but also widely use in many Construction project .such as many famous hotel .airport .bank , hospital office building  .kefotn quartz has become the top choice


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