British Stone: Natural To Carving Point Stone Can Be Gold

- Aug 01, 2017-

More than 50 years of age Lin Chao Fu Yingde local well-known cultural people. Over the years, he has always spared no effort to promote local cultural brand, especially the long history of British stone culture. Many government officials, private buyers are willing to find his tasting British stone, its "potential, type, King, material, quality," the new standard of the British stone aesthetic, but also become the German and German local stone, possession of stone Important reference.

To observe the ten characteristics of stone

Both for the real boutique

Yingde window: British stone development, research, enjoyment has a long history, has been nearly a thousand years, and Yingde city government in recent years also vigorously promote the British stone culture industry, but many people still do not know what kind of British stone is a good British stone.

Lin Chaofu: a lot of people do not understand the British stone doorway, do not know a piece of British stone in the end is good; some people will feel a good piece of British stone is good, but can not tell where good. In fact, the British stone in the "thin, through, leak, wrinkles, blame" on the basis of, and then have the "potential, type, King, material, quality", was fine boutique. A British stone, at least the body to be thin, to see the character; followed by the surface to see whether it has wrinkles, whether there is drip, whether the hole, and even interlinked, exquisitely carved. People speak foreign, stone also stone phase. If the "wrinkles, thin, leak, through" are in line, and then look at the shape, potential, King, things, that is, look at this stone stone shape, there is no potential, can become a landscape, What things (things). British stone tasting the pursuit of natural, natural for the United States, in addition to large pieces of garden stone to do some grinding, the small pieces of a few stone can not have artificial carved traces.

British stone is the most natural, the largest reserves of the "four famous stone"

Yingde window: compared with other rocks, the British stone market advantage where?

Lin Chaofu: people's living standards improved, the demand for the spirit of the growing, more and more demanding. Playing the stone is a big choice. We say that playing the stone, in fact, is not playing, but keep the stone, raised the spirituality. As the saying goes: no stone, no show; water without stone, unclear; no stone, indecent.