British Stone Material

- Aug 01, 2017-

The limestone in the sedimentary rocks of the quartzite

which is mainly produced in the Yingde Mountains between the middle reaches of the Beijiang River in Guangdong Province. The karst landforms are well developed and the rocks are easily eroded and weathered, forming rugged folds. The sunshine is full, the rain is abundant, the storm is hot and the rocks are easy to collapse in the valley. After the acid soil is corroded, , The British stone is white, because weathering and rich in impurities (such as metal minerals, copper, iron, etc.) and the emergence of multi-color, black, gray, gray, light green and other colors, common black, gray, dark Is good, stone often mixed white calcite stripes. 

Stone solid and crisp, good buckle with a metal resonance sound. 

Most of the stone is dry, with slightly moisturizing are expensive. British stone contour changes, common peephole eyes, exquisite turn. Stone table folds deep, is the rock in the "wrinkle" the most prominent one, with bagasse, nest-like, wrinkled, small wrinkles and other shapes, delicate and varied. Stone body is generally positive and negative distinction between the more obvious, positive and concave, the back flat no odd.