British Stone Category And Main origin

- Aug 01, 2017-

British stone types

and its types are divided into two categories of yang and Yin. Sun stone exposed to the ground, long-term weathering, hard texture, color green, thin body, the surface of more than wrinkles, buckle the sound crisp, divided into ruled stone, stripes, flowers, flowers, stone and rain, And wrinkles typical, suitable for making rockery and bonsai; Yin Shibei deep underground, lack of weather, texture Songrun, color green Dai, some between the white lines, body leakage, modeling magnificent, buckle the sound micro, Through the typical, suitable for independent King.

Main origin

Ying main producing areas for the British town of Wang Town, Ying Shan, mountains, ravines, water are, this is the stone of the source. In addition, Yingdong Qingtang, white sand, town and other towns, the British in the sand, Yunling, Baltic, Kowloon, Ming Jing, rock back, West cattle and other towns are produced British stone. There are people to Qingyuan, Yangshan and other places to play the stone is also included in the scope of the British stone.