Analysize On The Development Trend Of Quartz Stone In Architectural Decorative Stone

- Nov 03, 2017-

The stone is easy to maintain and the surface is not dirty and easy to clean. The surface of the natural stone is easy to be oxidized, easy to absorb, discolor and difficult to clean. The color of the natural stone is not uniform. At the same time, it has both the ceramic finish and the wood The easy-processing features make it the perfect home space with a very decorative finish. Now widely used in counter Wei countertops. In addition can also be widely used in high-end residential, villas, star hotels, commercial plazas, airports, subway stations walls, pavement, columns, ceiling, etc., or for further processing. In fact, the current artificial stone surface is still too narrow, the broader application areas yet to be developed

From the product performance point of view, we all know, wood contains benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, the current Chinese market, 80% of the wood furniture presence of benzene, formaldehyde overweight phenomenon, and natural marble has a large radiation hazard to the human adverse, interior decoration Impossible to use 360 degrees. The quartz stone to natural quartz sand as raw material, after vacuum high-pressure furnace heating curing.

As can be seen from the above, the green building decorative stone quartz stone in the decoration has been able to replace the previous stone, but also made great improvements in environmental protection, the future of society is a sustainable society, environmental protection and energy conservation is the theme of society , So in the next few years, China's green building decorative quartz stone will be greatly developed!