4 Teach You Easily Distinguish Between True And False Quartz Stone

- Aug 01, 2017-

With hydrochloric acid and so on soaking test

In order to maximize profits, some manufacturers will be mixed in the quartz stone countertop calcium carbonate. And calcium carbonate capacity and acid reaction, if you buy this table, the late use, the table is easy to change. Therefore, the purchase, you can want a sample, put it into dilute hydrochloric acid or other acidic liquid soak, if the product contains calcium carbonate, it will react with the acid.

Weapon two: test seepage

High-quality quartz stone plate surface and the internal structure of the same fine and uniform, so the water absorption is low, strong anti-permeability; and production equipment and technology behind the imitation of quartz stone is often limited to look like almost, but the internal structure of loose porous , Weak penetration resistance, water absorption, strong seepage. When buying, you can pour the sauce on the quartz stone countertops to see if it will bleed, poor quartz stone countertops 1 day on the bleeding, high quality will not.

Weapon three: with a knife to check the wear resistance

Quartz stone countertop is the main component of silica, the highest hardness, the quartz stone on the market by the quartz crystal and resin synthesis, are generally marked with quartz content of about 93%. So the possibility of its fracture is very small, but also more wear-resistant. False quartz stone resin content is high, the surface hardness will be relatively low, it is easy to scratch. When you buy, you can use a knife and so on the table to try to draw a plan.

Weapon four: with heat to check the heat resistance

Poor quartz stone resin content is too high, heat resistance will be reduced. Therefore, you can use this, with a lighter and so burn the sample, and then see whether the above left traces.