The use of quartz stone during the construction of care

- Aug 01, 2017-

Quartz stone pavement installation, in the cement mortar or special adhesive before solidification (at least 24 hours) can not walk in the above, operation, so as to avoid pavement uneven or hollowing. 

If the quartz stone project is completed, but also need to carry out other decorative works, be sure to cover the surface of the plywood or carpet, so as not to wear quartzite. After the completion of the project, please professional care company care. 

In the use of quartz stone at the entrance, should be laid carpet or dust pad, to avoid gravel and other hard debris wear, scratch the surface of stone.

To ink, coffee, tea, oil and other easy to stain the material pollution of stone, it should be clean, so as not to affect the appearance. 4, to avoid the use of strong acid and alkaline cleaning agent; long-term use will affect the quartz luster. Requires neutral detergent. 

Can not cover the carpet for a long time: the carpet will be covered for a long time on the surface of quartz stone without replacement, breathable, the quartz stone itself can not be shed from the pores of the moisture, resulting in quartz stone water content becomes high, and lead to the future Main reason. If you need a long time to lay the carpet on the quartz stone surface, please select the carpet with good air permeability. Long-term indoor ventilation and ventilation to prevent moisture condensation, microbial growth. 

Can not play the general floor of the wax; the general floor of the wax for the oil wax, wax will sticky dust to the pores blocked and the formation of wax scale, resulting in the future of the surface unclean. It is recommended to use stone-specific curing agent, can increase the gloss, slip, wear, anti-static effect. 

Shopping malls and delivery trolley wheels require rubber, hard wheels will scratch the mall stone. 

Regular care, maintenance, can make the quartz stone lasting to maintain elegant and flawless, smooth gorgeous, care and maintenance recommendations professional stone cleaning care company.