The use of quartz stone

- Aug 01, 2017-

Artificial stone

the so-called acrylic, the cost is calcium carbonate plus unsaturated resin plus aluminum powder, the advantages of this table is what? 

First, you can do a good look at the shape

and second, the price is cheaper than the cost of quartz stone. Of course, there are shortcomings, first, there will be bleeding phenomenon. Second, the wok directly into the table, will burn the table, and then form a black pot on the countertops. Third, the phenomenon of cracking. Artificial stone cracked, it can be repaired. So then your economic conditions permit the case, spend hundreds of pieces for quartz stone is still very necessary. 

Because the use of the table is very high. 

This choice of quartz stone, but also save a lot of worries! Of course, quartz stone, there are also on the market stone, from the appearance is not see out. The best way to test is to use the knife directly and then the front and back. If it is quartz stone, then the hardness is relatively strong, should be drawn out of the black, that is the knife of carbon steel. If it is white powder, there are obvious scratches, that is fake quartz stone ah. Merchants in the introduction of cabinets, will say that the table is quartz stone countertops or artificial stone countertops, how good. What is the difference between the two, consumers do not know anything. In fact, quartz stone is also artificial stone, artificial stone is a large category, are made through the equipment of artificial stone. 

But people are accustomed to ordinary calcium powder board or aluminum plate

composite acrylic and other stone called artificial stone, the quartz stone division. Artificial stone in general, there are five categories, ordinary board. Crystal jade plate. Aluminum plate. Composite acrylic plate. Pure acrylic plate. Quartz stone. Furniture stone tableboards generally include artificial stone and natural stone two, natural stone because it contains mineral heavy metals Radiation, preferably used in open rooms or outdoors, such as hotel lobby or square. Artificial stone is roughly divided into artificial acrylic stone and artificial quartz stone, of course, there are some new stone, but basically a small group, each business from the different names and bad classification. Acrylic stone and quartz stone is nothing good or bad, the composition of different, the characteristics of the difference is relatively large, so in the purchase, to be more aware of their own characteristics of the table, to the acrylic or quartz stone choice.