The differences and similaritiesof natural stone and artificial quartz.

- Apr 20, 2018-


essentially they are all stone .even we call  the quartz stone slab as artificial quartz stone or man-made stone .it's still made by 93 % quartz mine .

as a stone .we know it's all heavy and hard .if you want them used in your kitchen .you gona need the perfessional worker for you .

they can bear high heat .



natural stone kitchen counter top  can be stained by oily or highly colored foods which is often happned . So it require resealing every once in a while .

but if you choose the quartz stone .it will avoiding the problem .


natural stone is produce by the natural .so .you can not find the same two pcs slab .but quartz stone can by made into  many color .

such as the quartz stone with marble veins .it's put the natural beauty and practical into one thing .this is quartz counter top