Physical properties of quartz stone

- Aug 01, 2017-


Has a thermoelectricity 

A refractive index of 1.533 to 1.541, a birefringence difference of 0.009, a dispersion of 0.013 

A quartz having a strong piezoelectricity (Piezoelectric property) Friction will produce a spark, which is the way flint fire. 

The common inclusions in quartz are: hair crystal - mainly rutile

grass into the crystal - mainly tourmaline; water gallstone crystal - quartz in the liquid inclusions; blue quartz - containing light blue Rutile needle; milk quartz - caused by the water hole turbid; green quartz - from the plate or debris-like chlorite composition, and sometimes may be green needle-like actinolite; sand stone (Aventurine) - quartzite Inside contains green or reddish-brown mica slices, also known as Yao Shiying, commonly known as Dongling stone. Common smoke black to dark brown smoke crystal, mainly these rocks contain a large amount of radioactive uranium, thorium elements of the relationship.