KEFENG Quartz Stone

- Sep 18, 2017-

Product Features

Quartz Stone is a new artificial sythesized stone, mix 93% quratz crystal and other 7% resin and trace elements. The final quartz stone products KeFeng made by using special production equipment,  those equipment make quartz stone under specific physical and chemical conditions. Quartz Crystal is main composition of quartz stone,  it have 5 features below.

Scratch without Trace

KeFeng Quartz Stone contain 94% quartz crystal. In natural world the hardness of quartz crystal just after daimond. Quartz Stone’s Mohs hardness coefficient is 6,  far more than any hardness of kitchen appliances. So kitchen appliances have no chance to left any trace on  quartz stone products surface.

Defence dirt & liquid

KeFeng Quartz Stone are made under vacuum conditions, it has excellent corrosion resistance to liquid of acid and alkali. The liquid can not permeate into quartz stone. If liquid or dirt stay on the quartz stone surface for a long time, you can use cleaner or water clean it. Or even using knife scrape it if its very hard to clean.



The luster and bright quartz stone surface after more than 30 complex polishing treatment process, it never left trace when quratz stone is scraped by sharp stuff, liquid never permeate into it, don’t have discoloration problem. Customer can just use water for clean it in daily life,  very easy and convenient. Even you alraedy used quartz stone products for long time, its still bright just like yesterday. It’s very durable, So customer do not need spend to much time on maintenange.


High Flash Point

The nature quartz crystal is a typical refractory, the melting point over 1300℃ (2372℉). Even if on fire, quartz crystal can survive.


Non-toxic & No Radiation

KeFeng quartz stone surface is smooth, flat flatness also marks the stranded, dense non-porous materials structure makes the bacteria nowhere to hide, can direct contact with food,  completely non-toxic.

Product Appliction:

The Quart Stone our campany made avoide all disadavantages of Natural Stone & Artificial Stone. It colorful, texture and glossy surface like Natural Stone, but it also enviromemt protection without radiation. The Quartz Stone will be a tendency in the future.

Quartz Stone widely uesd in floors, wall faces, kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, bar countertop, stair treads and other fields.

KeFeng quartz stone

overcomes the disadvantages of natural stone and ordinary artificial stone -- it is radioactive-free, environmental friendly, while its abundant color combinations gives it a natural stone texture touch and beautiful surface gloss, therefore quartz stone is the new international trend in the future.


Quartz stone can be widely used for floors, walls, kitchen countertops

bathroom vanity tops, bar tops, stair stepping, and other fields. As for the decoration and renovation of major sites and places, such as for family, guesthouses, hotels, banks, airports, hospitals, office buildings and so on, quartz stone would be the number one choice.


We can provide the following specifications of quartz stone slab:







We can also produce customized quartz stones according to your needs.


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