Artificial stone and quartz stone

- Aug 01, 2017-

General artificial 

stone and quartz stone to be good point of natural stone almost. Artificial stone weight light, high hardness, oil and dirt corrosion resistance. Plate thickness uniformity, good gloss, translucent effect is obvious, no deformation, fire anti-aging, no radiation, anti-penetration, according to the needs of customers free to bend, seamless bonding, really reach the natural world. 

Natural stone 

is generally marble and granite, its cheap, natural pattern, selectivity, hardness, density, wear resistance, natural stone is relatively heavy, docking gap, the connection is difficult, can not be seamless splicing , Permeability is also higher, difficult to clean up the stain. Quartz stone physical properties and chemical properties are relatively stable. It is characterized by scraping does not spend, pollution does not dye, with not old, no blame, non-toxic and no radiation and other natural stone: generally not recommended for home improvement, because there is radiation. But the general hardness of teaching to engage. 

Artificial stone: 

artificial stone, including artificial marble, artificial stone jade, artificial light stone, artificial culture stone, artificial quartz stone, and so on. Because of its excellent overall performance is generally used for interior decoration, such as artificial quartz stone is generally used for kitchen countertops. Quartz stone: the general and artificial stone quartz stone has a very high hardness is the biggest feature.