A simple way to identify quartz stones

- Aug 01, 2017-


the amount of quartz stone up and down the most intuitive response is the hardness, so we go to see the time to carry a steel key, to take their samples in the front, the back of the force plan, we must force, if the quartz stone table no plan Marks, leaving only the keys of the metal color (hand touch can still lubricate), that quality is simply clearance


good quartz stone are environmentally friendly information consumption, smell a very natural stone taste. Poor quartz stone consumption process to participate in the formaldehyde-containing glue, consumption of the plate has a very strong formaldehyde flavor, this kind of quartz stone prices and then can not choose cheap ah, harm life!


color, particles can be averaged, especially the two-color plate, color, the average particle, be considered inferior quartz stone.


the appearance of whether there are pores, there are holes for the poor quartz stone, the pores are large and small, large and serious can see, small words to professionals to see it.